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We imagine a world where everyone can see an option for peace in a situation where they could once only see violence.

Welcome to Tactical Running, here is our team.

Jarrod - Tactical Running Founder

Hey I'm Jarrod. In 2017, I noticed a gap in martial arts; running was always suggested, but there were no actual trainings or techniques that focused on improving our skills in running, like their was for fighting. Over the next 3 years, I sought skills from experts outside of martial-arts (rugby, gridiron, track and field, parkour, beach sprints, and more), and adapted and packaged all of those skills together, becomming the centre of the only martial arts style that fully focuses on improving our flight response. Nowadays, my focus is on transferring my skills and knowledge over to our elite Tactical Running team, so they can help you incorporate Tactical Running into your system with the highest quality.

Marvin - Instructor Certification Training

My name is Marvin, I am a physcial and mental strength coach that specialises in performance, mindset and mindfulness. I am also a martial-arts practitioner for fitness, self-development, and self-defense. I strongly believe fighting should be a last priority when it comes to self-defense and should be used in discretion, especially when it comes to legal matters. Although I do believe in non-fighting, I also believe it is better to have the power and skill to fight, and not need it, than to need it and not have it. My goal as a Tactical Running Certification Instructor is to train martial arts and self defense instructors in flight response tactics so they can teach Tactical Running to their students.

Dan - Instructor Marketing Coordinator

My name is Dan and I am the Marketing Coordinator for all certified Tactical Running Instructors. I help connect certified Tactical Running Instructors with willing and interested students through various different advertising media. With a dedicated Marketing System on hand, each certified instructor is able to focus purely on teaching Tactical Running and growing their student-base rather than all the confusion that comes about from trying to learn Marketing themselves. As a certified Tactical Running Instructor, you will have access to this very system.

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