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Tactical Running

What if there were a Martial Art for running, instead of fighting?

Tactical Running is the worlds first Martial Art that specializes in self-defense tactics for running away.

Fight and flight responses are our two main methods of survival. Most martial arts and self-defense instructors suggest running away if possible, but then focus all their time and energy on improving their students ability to fight.

This can leave students with a massive skill gap, not knowing where to run or what to do when being chased by an attacker, or how to get to safety after an encounter.

Tactical Running™ is a comprehensive martial arts style, with 3 strategies, 9 tactics and 39 techniques that addresses this skill gap. We help martial arts schools integrate Tactical Running into their system, to give them a unique point of difference in their location, and ensure their students are just as capable at escaping attackers as they are at fighting them. 

Tactical Running

What does Tactical Running cover?

Area Exploitation 

How to secure an area that helps you fight back if you struggle to loose attackers.

Taking Off 

How to escape your attackers hold and create space to start running away.


How to cause your attacker to lose visibility of you when running from them.


How to get to safety without being spotted by your attacker again.

Line Breaking 

How to get around attackers trying to block your path so you can continue running.


How to sneak away from attackers looking for you in a specific area.


How to find and access items to use as a weapon incase you get caught.


How to quickly injure your attacker so that it is difficult for them to chase you.

Protecting Others 

How to help guide and direct others out of dangerous situations and environments.

Enough Theory. It Is Time To Experience Tactical Running With The Free 20 Minute Audio Training Guide.

Running Shoes

Put on your headphones, and listen to this track as you go for a run. You will be guided through a series of awareness exercises where you will learn how to: 

  • Stay safe when running away from attackers.

  • Have your attackers lose visibility of you.

  • Use running to set up an ambush for attackers.


Are you saying I should always run instead of fight?

No. There are some situations where it is better to run, and other situations where it is better to fight. We only focus on skills for running away from attackers because it is an underdeveloped area of self-defense and where we add the most value.

Is Tactical Running better than other Martial Arts?

Tactical Running is not better, it is different. Tactical Running only covers what to do when running away from attackers, and can be added to any fighting-focused martial art. It does not compete against any other martial arts styles,  it complements them.

But I already know of a Martial Art that teaches people how to run away?

Most martial arts teach escapes for certain holds and grips, and will suggest running afterwards, but the training ends there. Tactical Running covers problems that arise after that point, such as if they continue to chase you and you struggle to lose them.

Doesn't Parkour teach people how to run away?

In a real world chase, the best part of Parkour is the level of fitness and coordination it develops. When running away, it is best to avoid obstacles and keep your path simple. Tactical Running is more practical and can be applied by people at any fitness level.

What is the difference between Run, Hide, Fight and Tactical Running?

Run, Hide, Fight is a useful, basic 3 step process for people to remember during active shootings. Tactical Running is a comprehensive martial art that goes into a lot more detail, with trainings and techniques for running away in a wider range of scenarios.

Isn't running away straight forward? Why have training in it?

You can fight or run away without any training, but training greatly increases your chances of being effective. Much like fighting, there are many problems you can find yourself in when running away, and the right training can help you overcome them.

Tactical Running seems new, has it been properly tested?

Yes. Our techniques are derived from trialed and tested techniques in track and field, surf lifesaving (sport), rugby and gridiron, and have been combined with proven aspects of MMA and military tactics to make them effective in a self-defense setting.

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